Thursday, August 5, 2010

Vacation recap

I hate that the main part of our vacation is over, but i am very happy that i do not need to return to work till Monday.

Here are some facts about the trip:

  • 5 Days
  • 4 Nights
  • 2 campgrounds
  • 478 Miles
  • 48 Gallons of gas
  • Over 12 hours in the truck
  • 9 miles to the gallon average
  • $3.00 in reindeer feed
  • 2.5 pounds of peanuts for one chipmunk

Yogi Bear Campground;

It was a great campground, the kids loved it.  Seriously you could make a vacation just staying at the park.  Every hour something was going on.  The staff was very friendly, they did an extra hayride and extra train ride just for my kids.  3 playgrounds, 2 pools and a beach (that my kids preferred to the pools).  The only downside is that the sites are kind of small but they don’t seem to be overly booked so you could get a prime site at anytime.  The best sites would behind the store because then i don't think you would hear I-87 as bad.  We certainly would like to go back but we do plan to visit the parks closer to our house too!

Adirondack Buffalo Company;

First I will say i was expecting to see more buffalo!  But its pretty cool to be driving down the highway looking at the mountains and then come across a field of Buffalos!  I wouldn’t go out of your way but if you are near by its fun to stop in…And you have to try some buffalo

North Country Taxidermy / Adirondack reflections; ;

This is a great little gift shop mixed in with it is some great mounts of many different animals.  Its located right in Keene (near one of the only gas stations we saw) with some other litter food places near it.  This is a big hit in our house as my husband and son are true hicks.  If you are not into stuffed dead animals then this is not the place for you.

Santa’s workshop;

This really is a great place to bring your kids, especially when they are Tyler and Emma’s age.  My kids loved all the animals such as feeding the reindeer!  But it was great that its not over the top like other amusement parks.  It really hasn't changed much in all theses years!  Bring your wallet as you will spend some $$, but you get to see Santa's house!!  Here is a great article on it  roadside America news article

So what will next year’s vacation bring for us??  who knows…


Emma was looking at the map trying to figure it how herself!  She wants some place with animals or a bunny farm!  Vacation was a great time i wish it wouldn't end!

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