Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 3…a very merry day!

Today we visited the North pole!  We went to Santa's workshop in Wilmington.  you may have seen earlier but I will repeat it here!  I gave Ty his clothes to go get dressed so we could leave and he said, “I can not wear shorts to the north pole i will be cold!”

As we started to leave the campground it began to rain.  It was a light annoying rain that followed us the entire way.  But i finally get to use Emma’s really cute raincoat!001

I had been to the north pole before when i was Tyler's age or a slight bit older.  I don’t remember a lot but I know I had a great time.  I have been reading up on the park and learned that its the oldest park in the country.  The owners intention is for it to stay true to its roots.  I am sure that if we pull photos out from when we all went as kids things will look the same.  It really works well with the magic/spirit of Christmas.

But one thing that has changed is the price!  it was $63.00 for all of us to get into the park.  And like any park, everyplace you turn you can spend lots more.  But this is what vacations are about!!!

Once inside the park we started having a good time!  We went on a train ride, the carousal, and saw Santa's sleigh.



Then came our kids favorite thing… the animals!  seriously people, put a rabbit and a cow in a garage and my kids would go nuts! 


Tyler was so excited to feed the reindeer, Emma wanted to eat the crackers!


They have a cute baby one that was sleeping.


Just outside the barn Emma went crazy for this……


Yes a regular old bunny like we have at home!  $63 to watch a bunny!  Then Tyler feed the baby cow!


And Emma found her pig pen friends.

054 the rest of the time around the park she was making pig noises.  On the way out of the barn area Tyler was so excited to see that Santa has a garden like us!

After we finally got away from the animals, we made some important stops!  The hat maker, Mrs. clause cookies and talked to the talking tree.



Look at this great photo opt by the north pole!


It really is very cold!  The north pole was outside Santa's house!  He was home when we arrived!  We saw the good and bad list!  We had our photo with Santa but i need to scan it in!

Here are some other photos from the park:

Candy maker.098

Toy maker workshop.  Inside was a slide and Tyler helped make the toys.


    When we left the park we had intended to go up to the summit of whiteface but it was still cloudy from the rain.  They told us it was zero visibility. 

Once back at the campground, David and Tyler went golfing while Emma and i watched them with a little treat!


After a great dinner, the entire family went on hayride with boo boo.


Tomorrow we leave yogi bear park to spend a night at Lake Durant state park.  Tyler will be happy because of the fishing, i will be happy because of the quietness maybe even hear a loon!  Emma will be happy for the dirt! 

Yogi Bear has been great.  Its perfect for the kids!  The people here were very friendly they did an extra hayride and train ride for us!  I hope to come back to here or visit other yogi parks! 

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