Monday, August 30, 2010

New York Watermelon Harvest

Never did we think it would grow.  Never did we think we would eat it..but yes we have successfully grown a watermelon.  We had four but 3 rotted.   This story started back in Spring when the easter bunny left Tyler a watermelon growing kit.  The plant was about 5 inches tall when we put it in the garden.  It was mixed in with the cukes and squash.  All the watermelon vines grew under everything else so we were very surprised a few weeks ago to find 3 softball sized watermelon and one baby one.  Last week we noticed that one was getting really big


Since we have never had one grow before, we had to google “how to tell if your watermelon is ready to be picked”  Our basketball size watermelon fit the bill.  So we loaded up to go pick it!


They boys assessed the situation..


Then made the cut:


The precious fruit was safely transported back to the house


Once inside the cut was made….drum roll please


The ratings are in:


Thumbs up from tyler while Emma was eating it with 2 hands!


This years hot summer was perfect for us to grow this fabulous summer fruit…here’s to hoping next year is as much of a success!!

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