Sunday, August 10, 2008

Vacation is over

Well back to work tomorrow. I wish i had 2 weeks off! We finished the weekend off with another busy schedule. Friday we did all our running around...groceries, walmart, Gander mountain. My husband and father got a two person tree stand. Do they just sound like the cozy little couple bow hunting? haha! SO i was quickly corrected by them that it was so TYLER could go hunting. Yes a 2 year old in the woods 16 feet in the air - sounds like a mothers dream. At least David got it at Ganger mountain other wise they were going to drive back out to Bass Pro today.

Yesterday we had Jodis wedding at White Eagle. I will try to upload some of my photos to webshots later this week, i was having major camera issues. It was a very nice afternoon wedding...Jodi-next time have the DJ play more slow songs! I loved my dress - but sad that i didnt get to use it! Since David wouldn't dance till a slow song and they didnt play any:(
Oh Jodi - I was wrong about the tape - ouch!!

In case any of you didnt know David is not plowing snow this winter - well only the parking lot. He will probably only have 5 hours OT a paycheck instead of the normal 20+. It will be nice to have him home, be able to plan more things this winter (like more Crunch games - GO MIRASTY!!!) and he will not be crabby I mean Sleepy!!! We have had a very successful garden year - so i have been trying to freeze/jar as much as I can to keep our grocery bill down this winter. So far we have freezed:
10 jars strawberry Jam
8 quarts of broccoli
5 quarts of steamed summer squash
5 quarts of breaded baked summer squash
several loaves of zucc. bread
and today i jarred my first jar of tomato sauce

I was so excited to jar something! we still have a lot of tomatoes and squash so we will be adding to our freezer. say a pray that our freeze issues are over - or u just might see me on that TV show SNAPPED!

well enough putting off work. I still need to do laundry and get ready for work. At least dinner for tomorrow is done! i cooked it today!

Tyler story of the day: As i was finishing eatting tyler comes up to with a baby wipe... "Hold on mommy, this will just take a minute, I will be fast. You need to clean your face after eatting."
Who is the parent here??? I feel 2 sometimes!!

Have a great week! ~the Szareks

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