Monday, August 25, 2008

Martha who???

Martha Stewart and Betty crocker have nothing on us! Yesterday was a marathon day we completed the following:

Mowed the law
changed the oil in my truck
washed Davids truck
cleaned the garage
cleaned the house (but the floors need to be done again)
upload photos to webshots..see them here
Froze 3 quarts of summer squash
made 2 full size loaves of zucc. bread
made 4 mini loaves of zucc. bread
made 6 mini bun loaves of zucc. bread
1 fully decorated birthday cake
1 pan of zucc. crisp
12 corn muffins
4 mini corn loaves
8 pints of Salsa - then i ran out of containers so the rest is in a 1 liter container.
Went to moms for dinner and her birthday cake...HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRAMMY!!

Our freezer is getting full! we are going to have lots of yummy food to eat this winter! This is the best summer harvest we have ever had! We still have more summer squash and tomatoes. I think with the rest of the tomatoes i am going to make sauce! we are also getting some red peppers so i think i am going to roast them and jar them too! I love roasted red peppers in everything! Next weekend we are doing corn with bernie and denise.

So obviously i am very tired now! Thankfully i have today off. I was going to go to work today because i felt obligated but i changed my mind. okay i was told to stay home, and not by my husband! tyler and I are going to go to the Utica zoo today! And then just hang out! i would like to scrapbook some. I can not believe the zoo doesnt open till 10. that sucks we are up and ready to go. what is there to do at 730 in the morning? I guess i need another cup of coffee!

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Heather said...

WOW! you were busy!! How about I get some of that food here at school!! JK glad you had fun at the zoo (sorry about the sun glasses! lol)