Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lazy Day - Garden updates!

I have no energy today. I think my child gave me whatever he had. Yesterday he had a 101 fever and was lazy all day. Today he will not eat but no fever and all kinds of energy. Today i asked him if he hurt anywhere like his belly.. No mommy my belly no back hurts! Okay Little David!
Me?, well, i took a nap. Yes, that is right Kristen Szarek Naps....but dont get use to it. I was tired it couldnt be from the very long week i had at work!

Either way were were productive so far today! I made 5 Jars of Sauce! yes from scratch, using the tomatoes from my garden! This makes a total of 6 jars plus a ton of salsa and i still have tomatoes left. I have no idea what else to make with them. I guess i could make some more sauce. Think think think think!! Any ideas?!?

So we did also dig up our red potatoes. we got quite a few! We only planted 2 little ones look at the size of some of these! I will try to upload more photos to Webshots. The sweet potatoes are not ready yet...I dont think we are going to be very successful in that department.

We pulled out our broccoli and tomato plants today. That just leave the pepper plants in the little garden. I am waiting for them to get good and red and make some roasted red peppers! The big garden still has the zucc and squash plants, along with the potatoes and cukes. Sadly tyler was a bad driver on his mow and killed our pumpkins :(

We do not expect to get anymore squash but we have had such a good crop that we didnt pick anything this week. And, well, they got really big! I have so much yellow squash. I dont know what else to do with it. I have froze it: Steamed, sauteed and breaded. Maybe i will make a light white sauce and put some in there. That would be good with Pasta and chicken. I have so many ideas for the garden next year! i want to do beans, peas (we forgot this year), spinach (it didnt come up:( and herbs. I use to always grow herbs and i stopped.

Update for tomorrow! I think i won!!! David has agreed to going to the state fair again! I think he is afraid I will get arrested if I go by myself....Dont touch the hockey player! We are going to freeze corn in the morning then go. Provided that the family is not sick.
Well i guess i need to make my husband dinner, he already asked me what i was planning on making. He is currently mowing the law. I am so happy its Labor day weekend! my favorite weekend of the year because i can put up my fall decorations. That is on my to do list for either Monday to this evening. I already put up my flag outside!!! I am waiting for Angela to call and yell at me! I should make a nice fall dish for dinner.....

By the way thanks for all the feedback! Glad people are finding enjoyment from reading about our life!

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