Saturday, August 23, 2008

State Fair

Today we went to the state fair. We saw cows, bulls, goats, rabbits, rabbits making baby rabbits, fish and more. Yes you did just read that correctly! In the 4H building 2 rabbits available for petting were doing their own meet and greet. EDUCATIONAL! It was a great time. At first Tyler didn't want to the see the animals and then he did and then he was crabby and then he was happy....Ahh Life with a 2 year old. Here he is petting a horse that really liked his shoes!

We didnt see everything, it was crowded and hot and we knew not to push it with tyler or Bobby! Yes the McKenzie's made the trip with us! They are no longer NY state fair virgins! They were very shocked that it is so big! I wanted them to get the .25 milk from the Rainbow cafe!! I know it is a tradition but the line was ridiculous. And tyler was crashing. I did get them to try Salt potatoes, you know the real ones, that are soaked in butter! I even have proof:

I hope they had a good time! We have really expanded their CNY-ness this year. Besides Hockey games, we have gone to the clark mills field day, they showed up while we were camping, they trusted us with angel and Chris went with me to get a pedicure!! By the way i am about due for another one! hint hint!!

What else... lets see..

Kristen moment:
I wish i have my video camera right this moment. Tyler is chasing a Monarch butterfly around the lawn. Its so funny and cute at the same time!

Okay back to the statefair. Bernie and Denises salsa is on sale in the pride of new york display! see the photo here I have added the link for the salsa to our blog!! I also added my favorite hockey players website. Go check his photos out! yummy yummy!! Nasty Mirasty!!!! I call him MY LITTLE MCNASTY!!

Well that is all for now! I would love to nap but we have things to do around the house.

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