Thursday, August 7, 2008

Off and Running

Okay, I think I have this set the way I want it! But just in case consider it under construction!

We are on vacation this week and creating a blog was on my to do list! We have done a lot this week so far!

Sunday-Wednesday we camped at 8th Lake campground! We finally after years and years of attempts made it to bug lake!

Tyler was not up for the walk and we backpacked him most of the way! He even fell asleep on the way back to the site! here is a classic Tyler moment! We laid him on our bed to nap and David laid down with him. I decided to sleep in Tyler's bed. Once i woke up Tyler told me: "Mommy you no sleep in my bed i Sleep in my bed." I responded "but you were sleeping in my bed" my smart little 2 year old tells me "I NEED to sleep you no Sleep" He thinks he is Dr. Phil.

Tuesday we hiked up Bald Mountain. This time Tyler did it all by himself all the way up. He was so proud to get to the top! He did great! It was a great day for the walk/climb! Everyone he saw he had to tell them how he was going to the top!

Thursday we went West! We started at the Syracuse Zoo and saw Lions, tigers and elephants! After lunch we went to Bass Pro Shop for Daddy! On the way home we stopped at the scrapbooking store for Mommy! It was a great day! Tomorrow is shopping day!
I hope you all enjoy our new little blog. its fun to document the happenings of our life! Like last week when Tyler told me: "mommy you no clean my room, I like it messy"

Well, we still have several busy days ahead of us. I will be back soon! let me know what you think of the blog. Any suggestions are welcome!

Still on the to do list:
Take Wyatt to petsmart
Go to Joanns
grocery shop
Jodi;s wedding
make and freeze some zucchini bread (Spelling)
Freeze some summer squash
start my sesame street scrapbook

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Jenny said...

Congratulations on your blog! I love it!