Monday, August 25, 2008

Utica Zoo

Tyler and I stopped at Nana and Poppops on the way to the zoo. Surprisingly they were home and not doing anything! We asked them to go with us to the zoo! We had a great time and saw alot of animals! Tiger, sealions, monkeys, camels and more. tyler was able to pet a baby camel and goats! It is so rare for tyler to see goats!! He had lots of fun and feel asleep on the way home! I am going to take this opportunity to scrapbook! I uploaded the photos to webshots. Below is a photo of the wildest animal at the zoo:

Speaking of wild animals! I have received some feedback about my favorite hockey player. People, Mirasty is the best! That other guy...i forget his name Mac-dont-know-how-to-play is such a loser he doesnt even have a website! So sorry i can not link him to this amazing blog! :) MIRASTY #41!

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