Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Living with Rainman

I think tyler could be rainman... Seriously.

Okay all this week he has to tell me the same thing countless times. And he can repeat my sentences word for the other day:
Me: Tyler i am going to put the bags in the car then I will get you juice and we will go.
Tyler: you go put the bags in the car then get me juice then we go.... REPEAT 3times.

But the thing is he is really smart too.

The other night i came home with a Nice N Easy coffee.. he told me 5 times that i was drinking Pappys coffee and that i had to take it to him. I think he put me in time out!

One morning this week i was thinking about work and missed the road to Stephanies. He said mommy you no go this way to stephanies. I tried to get him not to tell david but that didnt work too well.

Now I am not that good with this generation thing. i have no idea what generation i am or what tyer is. I am going to call his generation Y2K-ers! I have noticed that his age group's key word is 'NEED' - they NEED everything. Mommy I needed Candy, I need that toy, I need to watch Bob the builder. They know what the word "Need" means and how to use it. THEY are only 2? He is going to be smarter then me by kindergarden :(

Well off to finish Laundry, make some zucc. bread and work out!


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