Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Peckarino-Romano Homemade Raviolis!

One of the items on my 2012 to do list was to make homemade ravioli.  Why? I don’t know I just really wanted to try to make them.  I guess I watched too many cooking shows when I was writing that post. 

Sunday it was Operation "Peckarino-Romano" at my house.  Heather picked the name.

We had no plan, no recipe and come to find out, not all the ingredients.  After we determined our recipe and ran to the market for a few items, we started cooking.  We figured we would mix the flour half all purpose and half wheat.


For whatever reason the different flour or using the mixer – it didn’t work.  The dough never formed a ball. We tried to kneed it anyway and look at this:


So we dumped it and started again.  First we went back the recipes I had pin on Pinterest.  We found a recipe that had a video!!! HELL YEAH SCORE!

As we started this 2nd batch we decided that we would do 3 cups of All Purpose flour - no Wheat, and we would mix it by hand.  Then we noticed we were out of eggs.  Thank god we have 16 chickens in our backyard.

003Hot right??.  Don’t you love my cute barn boots, my old TPC apron from back in the day and my crazy pulled up hair!  So Dunkin and I get out to the coop and we need 3 eggs, there were only 2.  But 2 hens were sitting in 2 boxes.  I pushed her out of the way and found 3 more eggs.  She was not happy with me.

Finally we could cook again!

We mixed everything on the counter and believe it or not it formed a dough ball! 


I had to kneed it for 10 freaking minutes. so much for it being a non workout day.  But really I am not complaining about building up my arms.  Who knows, maybe a few ravioli making sessions could lead to big girl push ups!

After 10 minutes my final product:


We let the dough rest, while we started the filling. Heather was the mixer this time!


Italian women must have amazing arm strength.  Because now it was time to roll out the dough to be very thin (photo by tyler) 028

I free handed the size of each ravioli


This part was not without it’s comedy time:


Slowly but surely we started to make progress!


Miss Emma was very interested when she woke up from her nap:


We were not ready to cook them so we wanted to cover and refrigerate them, wouldn’t you know that the clear wrap kicked my a$$.


Here's the final product ready to go in the boiling water:


Finally, it was time to eat our homemade Raviolis with canned sauce from my garden last summer, some roasted turkey and a fresh green salad.


I really liked them.  They tasted so much better without the tomato sauce – I am just not a tomato person.  You could really taste how fresh this pasta was.  I will defiantly make pasta again but not ravioli.  Doing the filling, the egg wash to seal the edges and crimping them takes some time.  

Seriously to make some Fettuccine with a great vodka sauce would take amazing with this pasta!

So there you have it!  Mine and Heathers first pasta making experience.  We may only have 2% Italian in our family tree (you have to go back 100+ years) but we were able to get in touch with those ancestors. 


We are so cute, Heather made me take off my apron (She was jealous she didn’t have one)


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