Tuesday, February 21, 2012

FS {food sucks} update as of (3-16 Feb 2012).

I was really hopeful that I could actually only spend $200 a paycheck for groceries.  After 4 weeks I am not doing all that well!  But I am not giving up.  Here is the break down for the last 2 weeks.


So there you have it, over executed my budget 26% these 2 last weeks {again}.  I keep reminding myself that I am not spending what I was before.  I have decreased my spending by 51%.

I want to state that I am including everything in my budget: Food, pet food, cleaning products, medicine.  I have been following a lady website that did it on 125 a week for organic food.  She did not include paper products (aka TP and tissues), household cleaner and goods, or medical items.

I am sitting here looking at my sales slips.  There is a few things I could save money on..#1 I have a coffee addiction that could be scaled back, I am purchasing a lot of Kcups.  #2 Buy more frozen produce vs fresh.  #3 put the dog on a diet! lol

Basically I am trying to live off of $14.28 a day for a family of four and one large dog.  The ironic part is that if my family were to receive SNAP assistance we would have a $167 a week budget or $23+ dollars a day to spend. 

I am bound and determined to spend only $100 a week during this challenge.

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erinlynne1308 said...

It's so hard. I try to use the same amount in our budget and we have one extra person and she can't have dairy which drives up the budget. Have you been couponing at all? I did save a decent amount when I was actively couponing but I have been slacking lately, it's so much work.