Sunday, February 5, 2012

Over Coming a Super Bowl Disaster

Last night I was cooking for the super bowl. I wanted to make football cakepops.  I have made cakepops before: once for Emma’s bday and again for tylers bday.

It all started when I went to make the cake and could not find my oil, so I used butter.  The cake looked fine.  Then I crumbed it up and noticed it was really moist.  BUT I didn’t process that in my brain!  I kept going and added the frosting.

I went to roll the balls into football shapes before dipping them in chocolate and they were a mess.  They wouldn’t hold their shape nothing.  No way I can dip these in chocolate.  I should decreased my frosting since they were so moist.

I had a few options:

1) make whoopie pies and use this as the filling (Hello calorie fest)

2) try and dip them anyway

3) make something else

My food budget doesn’t have the room for me to go buy more food. So need to use what I have at home.  I am going to make an apple dip and cut up some pineapple but I didn’t let this go to waste. 

I froze it and am going to use it in the spring.  I figure in little cups I will layer this with: graham cracker crumbs, this filling, fresh strawberries and cool whip.

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