Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 here we come

Last night I recapped 2011, here is my too do list for 2012

  • Finish losing weight (Hit the 100 pounds lost mark )
  • Run the boilermaker 15K and maybe a half marathon
  • Overcome my fear of heights at Adirondack Extreme
  • Climb Mt. Marcy  and one other mountain we have never climbed before
  • Vacation in White Mountains
  • Go to the Museum of Play in Rochester
  • See a Live NHL game
  • Camp at least 8 times
  • Make homemade raviolis
  • Have regular date nights with hubby
  • Go out one night all dressed up
  • Run the warrior dash
  • Have an adult only dinner with the Szahulski adults
  • Spend the night in Lake Placid
  • take the kids to see NYC during Christmas time
  • Remember to plan my garlic in the fall
  • Take one item off the bucket list
  • Try to read more
  • Drink less coffee
  • Hike the entire trail around Nicks Lake
  • Try to live off our garden more, and less off the supermarkets
  • Go Kayaking for a day with no kids
  • See a Bear not at a zoo
  • Learn photoshop
  • be better about folding laundry
  • Challenge myself monthly: do one unexpected nice thing, try a new receipt and spend one night with no internet, no TV, no interrupts – just play as a family together
  • Get more organized
  • Go Snowshoeing
  • Get more sleep each night (yeah with this to do list on my mind!)
  • Master big girl push ups
  • teach the kids to ice skate
  • go to lake george in the summer
  • Keep my blog up to date in December!

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Jenny said...

Great list! Let me know when you go to Adirondack Extreme and we'll meet you there.