Sunday, June 28, 2009

Emotional Roller Coaster

Please keep your arm, legs and head inside the ride while we are in motion. Thank you for riding the life express!!

If being 9 month pregnant is not emotional enough, I have all kinds of ups and down going on the next few weeks. Here is the quick breakdown before i get into detail:
Tuesday: Last day working with Carla (down :( tear )
Thursday: My Last day of work (up) and My last day working with Chris and Bobby (Down)
Saturday: Carla leaves for GA (down)
Tuesday: Panic attack about next mornings C-Section (BIG DOWN), treat myself to ice cream and a pedicure (up)
Wednesday: C-section (down), Meet Emma (Big Up!), 30 pheasants arrive at our house.
Thursday: Say goodbye to Chris and Bobby (DOWN:( tear )
Saturday: Hope to come home with my Family - (Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Saturday and and downs!!!! but fun!

Okay i am going to miss my crew, Carla, Bobby and Chris at work. At least we now have vacation spots....but its not the same. I am going to be a mess this week. Last week we had a party for Carla at Josh's. More scary photos are on webshots, it was a Luau party -and they say accountants are boring!! Trust me you do not want to look at the photos with kids around!
This was David and I in our Luau outfits!! No grass skirt for me, just an extra chin!
The DFAS Crew!! you need to see a photo of Justins outfit!! I miss my Miller time!!

This Friday we went to dinner with Chris and Bobby. Buffalohead yummy! They got tyler a remote control truck that he loves! In the first 5 minutes he had ran over my feet about 3 times - so bobby loves that i am sure!

We had a busy weekend, I tried to pick up the items that i know i need for Emma before she is born. I think I only need a few more things. I feel like i am forgetting something so very obvious. I can not believe i am going to have 2 kids in a week and 1/2. I am hoping to start my hospital bag tonight but i am kinda sunburned!

I need your help! Well ,okay just wondering your thoughts but you know me i will do what i want anyway! Every time i go shopping i pick out a new outfit to bring Emma home in. I can not pick from these 3 below. Please let me know what you think/like using the survey on the right.
Outfit 1: cute onsie with a matching bib and skirt. It also has a hat. From Kohls
Outfit 2: Cute little fancy onsie with dots from Old Navy (it was an Easter outfit). I picked up the sweater at Babies R Us.
Outfit 3: Cute little outfit that says Flirt! Also from Babies R Us, i would probably put the same white sweater on if its cool

Yesterday we made Jam. With only 4 quarts of strawberries we made 12 jars and froze some whole berries, i was totally impressed!

I was going to pick some lettuce from the garden but i keep forgetting, i need to run out and do that. I have some flowers to plant too but it looks like its going to storm any minute.

Here is a cute photo that dad got on his camera in the woods.

Well off to face the week!!! I hope work doesn't suck and that i don't need to do overtime. I am only working till Thursday! Then not back till September!

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Jenny said...

I like outfit #1! I was hoping Emma would have the same bday as Gavin (the 1st) but 1 week away will be good for you to get everything done & rest. P.S. You look great! Can't wait to meet her.