Friday, June 12, 2009

Sleep update

It is so amazing what 8 hours of sleep can do for a person. Last night I came home with the most swollen feet and ankles every:( Yes, i had Cankles - just like the little old ladies at Chanatrys'. I went and laid in the bed around 8 and do not remember much after that. I know I woke up every few hours but i was able to go back to bed. I feel so refreshed! I went shopping this morning and work for a bit in the yard this afternoon. I am so looking forward to the rest of this weekend!

Tyler and David are out in the lawn playing with a snapping turtle that came from the pond. We think she deposited her eggs by the mailbox - this would be the 2nd year in a row.

*****I interrupt this blog to clean the mud off a little boy that fell down in the woods.********

*****All Clean, new sneakers caked in Mud, glad we purchased brown, i think need a new pair for just going places; now back to your previous blog entry*******************************

The pheasants are suppose to be here tomorrow...Honest. David didn't read all of the "Instructions" from that hatchery on delivery - he assumed they would ship Wednesday and arrive Thursday am via USPS priority mail from Iowa. Well Priority mail takes 3 days! Men!! haha!

Well i hope to update more later this weekend...I have been challenged by Aunt Laurie to complete 5 more pages this weekend...can it be done?????????

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