Saturday, June 13, 2009


Am I nesting?? NO we just got our pheasants!! haha. So they arrived but according to the hatchery there was a major problem with all NY bound shipments. Needless to say we are proud parents of about 5 babies not 30. We will be getting a new shipment in about 2 weeks.

Last night I did stay up till 11 cleaning, excuse me -organizing, the basement. I don't think I am nesting i just feel very overwhelmed. Maybe because i feel like i am being squeezed out of my own body by this little diva in me! Despite the fact we have spent a lot of money on organizing and i have gotten rid of so much stuff i still feel like we do not have enough room in this house.

I have about 20 bins of items in the basement, now nicely stacked and labeled. We had planned on doing a garage sale but decided to put it off till next summer when we will have so much baby crap. Plus i honestly did feel up to it (Can u blame me?). But now one whole corner in the basement is just jam packed with stuff.

Last night i weed one of the gardens! David is doing the rest today for me. I did pick some of our radishes! I don't eat them but I am excited to see them!

OK time to run, i need to clean, get tylers haircut, then run into hannafords to get somethings we forgot yesterday, go to Chris and Bobby's and get the gym stuff we purchased from them (I have to get this body back in shape) and lots more to do!!!

Question? How can a house get so dirty in 20 minutes but take 2 hours to clean?? hmm???

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