Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Update

I know i have posted alot this weekend. But i dont plan to be on the computer much this week. We have something going on every night until next Monday. All this to only be complicated by the possibility of getting stuck at work. Which really I can not because i have early leave on Tuesday/Wednesday, David can not pick tyler up on Thursday or Friday. So hopefully tomorrow is an okay day!

So here is our Garden update before we get into the other ramblings!

We picked the rest of the radishes today, tyler decided to try one!!

Our 2nd crop pumpkins - Darn deer.
The one Bernie started in the greenhouse!

The Squash family!

Tylers little garden is kicking butt, I am so planting my basil out here every year. I would love to have it closer to the house but you will see soon how that works out.

The onions that the turkeys didnt pick!

Our Potatoes and Bean crop!


Tyler sporting his new haircut by my Rosemary and flowers - rosemary is very happy in the outdoor kitchen area!

This is my sad basil. Believe it or not it has made a comeback. I moved it out of another planter and into these. I would like to add a few more to make the railing full! Maybe some cascading flowers...hmm ideas!

I really didnt think my Oregano would grown in this pot since it can get so big. I read (after planting) that they can grow up to 18" dude that is like a landscape plant! I filled in the blanks with some hens and chicks!

This was some landscaping I did this spring. Again, I didnt read too well! The green plants with red flowers were not suppose to get this big or so i think i read!!! oops they are bigger then the purple plants. I dont think david likes these, he said something about cutting them but i like the looks of it! better then nothing.

Close up of the purple plants with our visitor mr. Buzzy bee!

Look how big our broccoli plants are!!

This afternoon we were down to only 3 pheasants. I called them Hewie, Dewey and Louie but tyler calls them Sqwiggity, Wah, Wah. Crazy kid. If they make we will call them, Hope, Pray and Miracle!! Poor things. By this evening we are down to one, I call him Miracle and david calls him Rambo. Not sure what we are going to do.

3 of our friends are moving out of state. Chris and Bobby are going to texas...Like I want to visit texas. ugh. They sold us their gym, i have to get back into shape somehow after Emma gets here. The gym is up and in the basement, David and Pappy are going to be sore tomorrow because they had to test everything out. Tyler had to get into the action and show them how its done!!

I cleaned out the finale closet!! Thank god that is done. Now we just need to do about 9000 other things around the house. Honestly the only thing bugging me to clean is 4 windows, put a few things i took downstairs today into storage bins and wash the bottles for Emma. I do need to bring up some things for Emma but that is a david task. Well, Tyler and i took a break in our cool dude shades!! Got some rays. Ugh i hate being prego, we didnt sit out long.

Afternoon Funnies:

David is taking the garbage out when:
TYLER: Daddy where are you going?
DAVID: Crazy, want to go?
TYLER: Yes, but i need to put my shoes on first!!!

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