Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pregnancy blues..ugh

I am so ready to not be pregnant anymore! It was a long bad week, and we didnt do much this weekend. I have some photos i will try to upload this week.

Tyler was so funny with fathers day, he picked out the gift carried it to the check out counter. He gave it to the lady and then put it back in the cart. When we got to the car, he had to put it in the back. Then we went Walmart to get the stuff to wrap it. He picked out the bag and the card without me seeing them! I was hoping it wasnt a birthday card!! He had to give it to him on Saturday night...3 year olds can not wait!!

So i have decided we are doing something this summer for a trip. This is my 2 or 3 day mid to late august plan:

Day 1:
Visit the Adirondack Land adventure.
Drive to Mass and spend the night someplace

Day 2:
visit the Dr. Seuss National Memorial Sculpture Garden and the Springfield Zoo.

Day 3:
visit the new Cabelas store in Hartford Ct...This is how i am getting David to play along.

Have any of you gone to any of these? what did you think?
The other options:

Option 2:
after ADK land to go straight to Cabelas/Hartford CT. Then visit an aquarium in Ct.

Option 3:
Stay in NY go to Lake george or something..need suggestions the I love NY website is not a friendly as CT and MA!!

Does anyone have any ideas on things? Tyler loves animals and it would be easy to take a baby to these places..versus a water park.

I know i will want to get out of the house on a trip!! Someplace where someone else does the cleaning! Plus its keeping me occupied on the web and not thinking about my big big belly!!

Suggestion would be appreciated.

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