Friday, July 3, 2009

Tyler Day, tyler day!!

Today was tylers day! We went to the Syracuse zoo!

Originally we planned to go to the utica zoo but tyler really wanted to see elephants. It was lots of fun. I could not keep up with him! It was look mom there is a... okay lets go to the next one! Tyler slow down!!! He loved the elephants but he had to go back and see Nemo twice!!

The syracuse zoo has been taken over with woodchucks, we saw one or two in each exhibit. They were stealing the food right out of the Yak's food dish. I would eliminate that population!
Can you see the fat boy sitting on the rock in the middle?

Every time we go up there we either see a close up of the Lion or the was the Lions!

After the zoo we went to pizza hut for Lunch then home. Mommy took a 2 hour nap!! i did good though, i only sat down at the very end! The rest of the photos are on webshots.

I am officially on Maternity leave!....funny story yesterday i was to leave at 330 right before quiting time the fire alarm went off. SO i started leave 20 minutes late.

Well i have to run out and check some things in the garden. And try to get laundry done.

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