Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Girls Night

No girls night today :( i miss my aunt Laurie.... Anyway, I made it Kristen night!! It is 8pm and i have gotten somethings done!

I picked some flowers..aren't they pretty. I have never picked them before, i always intend to but instead get lazy. The next thing i know, the rain has ruined them!

I have late bloomers at my house. My lilacs are just starting to bloom. Everyone else are done but not mine!!

I went out and spoiled Max! You can see I do this often, he comes running when he see me! He knows I always have a treat for him (3 carrots tonight!). My carrots have not come up yet in the Garden. I am so bumed out the weather is annoying me but yet i am thankful. I hate the multiple frosts we have had..because covering the garden is so easy. What survived the frost was pray to the deer. We are making a come back..should it warm up. Being 8.5 months pregnant..i personally like the 60s; ugh i have been so hot. At work today, i took my sandles off at my desk and couldnt get them back on.

Every spring and fall I like to take a photo of the house. I think it will be interesting to look back on as the landscaping grows and should we make any changes. Sounds like a scrapbook layout!!

My little man was out helping me in his Pjs, Hugh style robe and flip flops. Learning to walk with Flip flops has been so funny! Speaking of funny...he says to me: "Mommy can you get off the computer so i can pay my bills!" Children of the 2000's have things so differently then us.

I have been working on Emma's room! I was able to put all the clothes away from my surprise shower and what stephanie gave me. I finally got the bedding on the crib. My Nana was so proud, i ironed twice today. that is like more then the last 3 years! haha =>Kidding

The bedding is from the Carter Love Bug collection. This photo was kinda washed out but i am too lazy to go take another one!

This is the view from the door. I am not sure if i am going to move the glider into her room for those first few week late night feedings. If i do it will go in this corner. David recycled some old shelves from tylers room (we are so green now!! haha yeah okay).
The dresser was tyler's old one it works so well as a changing table. I made the artwork a few months ago. I love having that little robe hanging there waiting for her!

The 2 pink boxes are my Ikea purchase...i even put them together myself!! tyler found that hummingbird chime so we hung it up for Emma!

I had the butterfly in this room before, it works so well.

Since she is a diva, we needed some cute accessories. The round box is so perfect for hair items!

I went to the doctors on Friday, they are not scheduling my csection until June 16th...:(. I so want to know when it is so i can schedule my leave from work!
Stand by, we get our 30 new "babies" next week. The pheasants are coming. Tyler and David have been working on the last minute preps to their home (tyler calls it the poop house!!).
Oh the winner of the survey....was grilling. that is what everyone voted as the best part of summer.
Well i have things I NEED to get done that i am putting off (Laundry) and i want to go to bed soon.

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Jenny said...

June 16th! Where did time go? I just love the room. And I'm jealous of the pheasants. Hope to see you & Emma soon.