Sunday, January 22, 2012

2nd Westmoreland Food Swap

Last night was the 2nd Westmoreland food swap held at the firehouse.  This time I actually went, I dragged Brenda with me because I really wanted to swap her for some French Onion Soup!  She is a foodie so I knew she would get into it!


First of all it was so great that so many people took part.  There were 4 full size tables full of food to swap.  Each table had about 4 people with tons of goodies.  My Swap items:

This is how my part of table looked:


Here are just some of the things I could of swapped for:

399857_239593342785029_118329564911408_535344_1767705372_n[1] Fresh Egg, Syrups, homemade breads


Bacon Popcorn, BBQ sauces, apple butters, seeds, Tomato pie



and so much more!

The first hour we went around sampling things and talked to the other people about their food items. I signed up for a lot of different things! Then we all sat down and enjoyed a multi course dinner put on by Bernie, Denise and Tony as part of the wandering fork dinner for Slow foods.  Normally a full on dinner is not served with a swap.  Westmoreland just likes to change things up a bit!  Here’s some of the photos of the food:



I only took photos of the first course. Sorry I am easily distracted!  So after eating we swapped.  I have very little time to take photos here. This was the go time!  I took a quick look at my swap sheets, a few swaps were easy. Denise signed up for something of mine and I signed up for her salty seeds, The pizza lady wanted my vanilla and so did the maple syrup girl.

  I had no one signed up for my Vanilla sugar, so I went looking, I found some cookies and offered the vanilla in trade! then I took my jam to another lady with cookie pops and she was willing to trade for them.  The swap sheets are great to figure out some of your swaps. but the rest are up to negotiations!  If there is something you really want, when the swap opens you go after that product. I walked up to a lady and said would would you like for that mustard?  She wanted spicy ketchup! it was great lots of fun.  I came home with tons of new things:


That would be 2 jars of Carmel bacon popcorn, cookie pops, Maple syrup, onion soup and 2 other kinds of soup, 3 jars of BBQ sauce, English muffin bread, tomato pie, honey mustard, salty seeds, and more!

I look forward to future swap, in the summer it will be great to swap veggies!  the last 2 years I have had so many cuke’s and no beans!  If you have a chance to go to swap, jump on it! it’s a lot of fun! 

More information about the Westmoreland food swap can be found here on the FB page

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