Sunday, January 8, 2012

Food Swapping

Have not heard about food swapping yet…That must be a big rock you have been hiding under! just kidding but it is the big trend in food land right now!
Here are some references for you:
The From Scratch Club describes a food swap as:
How it works: You can trade an item you made for another item that someone else made: items are swapped 1-for-1. You bring as many items as you’d like to swap; for example you could bring 6 of one item (6 loaves of bread) or 6 different items (1 jar of blueberry jam, 1 loaf of bread, 1 jar of vanilla extract, 1 tomato transplant, 1 jar of granola, 2 pints of pickled beets). Participants have time allotted to grab a spot on one of the many swap tables, set up their items & samples. Once everyone has their swap items on the table, and “swap cards” filled out, it will be time to sample and place your name on the card of the item you would like to swap. The last hour of the event will be the “live action swap” where the action takes place!
My Mother in law hosted the first Westmoreland Food Swap in the Fall. I made some cupcakes that I sent down to swap but I couldn’t attend the swap because I had 2 other appointments that day.  So today I went with Denise to a swap hosted by someone else.
Here is what my swap table looked like:
  • Fresh eggs from our Chickens
  • Homemade Cherry, white chocolate Almond Biscotti
  • Garlic Bread Seasoning
  • Vacation never ends freezer Jam
I will try to post the recipes this week for these.  I had samples of my biscotti and my jam.  There were so many things to trade for:  Fudge, cheese, meats, homemade pasta, muffins, body scrubs, oils, jams infused vodka, pottery, salsa, cookies and so much more. 
This is what I came home with:
2 pieces of pottery, 2 bags of fudge, cream cheese, Hamburg, homemade Twix, salty seeds, lilac jam, muffins, salsa, zucchini marmalade, body scrubs

This swap was different where you got what you signed up for.  Most are done where you write you name on the list of what you want trade and the item you want to trade for. So I could trade my eggs for someone's salsa.  Then during the trading hour I go find the salsa person to find out if they accepted my trade offer. 

It was pretty cool experience and I look forward to the 2nd Westmoreland Swap on January 21.  Its going to be a pretty cool event!  Denise is teaming up with Slow Food Mohawk Valley for a Wandering Fork Dinner.  Here's the details:
Tapas style Dinner made with local food from our farmer friends. But there's audience participation, as well! You get to bring with you food to swap, and don't skimp on the eye candy!! Pretty wrapping is always a hit! Your swap item(s...) must be made, baked, grown or foraged by you!! Check out the Westmoreland Food Swap NY FB page for swap ideas and inspiration

Where can you go for $20.00 and eat a meal like this in CNY in the middle of winter, help out Slow Food Mohawk Valley ( half of your fee $10 - goes to Slow Food Mohawk Valley) , swap great food made by friends to take home, that you could never find in any store? Enjoy a wonderful evening with friends who share your commitment to local foods.
The menu and more information can be found on the FB page located here.  Now I just have to figure out what I am making for that swap in a few weeks!  What would you like to swap?

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Sarah Brockner said...

You always amaze me with everything you do! Food looked awesome! I want the recipes!