Sunday, February 27, 2011

And the Winner is!......

AUNT LAURIE!!!!  Yeah way to go!  Did you pay my kids to pull your name?? haha!  Congrats you won $58.00

Great job everyone!  We only lost 2 people over these 2 weeks!!  Keep up the great work.

I have not decided weather or not i want to do another session of this.  If I do it will not be until after next week or so.  Its been kind of crazy around here, and poor David has been working so many hours.  i can not remember who told me they did make it and who didnt tell.  If i do it again i need to get more organized.  If anyone else would like to run it, please feel free!

I really would like to do it again, it helped me get back into my mindset i had over the summer when i lost 25 pounds in 12 weeks.  From September to xmas i lost only 7.8 yet in the 8 weeks since xmas i have lost another 7.8!  So i am getting there!  I worked out 7 days this week, but had so food slip ups.  Maybe the next challenge should give bonus points for proper eating!!!! 

We have a busy day ahead, great job everyone

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