Monday, February 7, 2011

Week 5!!

I can not believe we are already at week 5.  So the two people that were out last week are still in.  I am just a really nice person and they provided the proof they did the time!  Besides I want everyone to make it to the end!  That is the point.

I am going to be challenged this week to be in.  My kids gave me the bug of course it’s the curse of the indoor water park.  Ugh. I feel like ick all day today.  So I have 5 days to get back in gear. 

I am hoping the bug undo’s the crap I ate at the waterpark (pizza and wings).  Last week I gained at my Thursday weigh in, and then I was up a few more by Sunday morning.  But now I have not eat in about 20 hours..

Speaking of eating, look at this:

I guess you really need to read the labels!

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