Monday, February 14, 2011

Training underway..

After deciding to run a 5K last week I have been doing research on training.  I have found a lot of great information.  I have tell you the conversation between my trainer and I:

Me:I am going to run a 5K

Him: Awsome!

Me: Am I ready what training tips do you have for me?

Him: RUN!!! ha ha

What a smart ass, and I pay him!!  He did tell me some thing and we are going to talk about it later this week. 

Saturday, hubby and I went to dinner for an early vday celebration.  I had already gone out to lunch with my GF, her daughter and my son (I won tickets to Sesame street live).  At lunch I ordered a turkey burger –plain with a salad.  At dinner I ordered grilled chicken, and steamed veggies.  We did get an appetizer, it was artichokes, spinach and chicken flatbread “pizza” it was on made on a tortilla. it was yummy.  I desperately wanted the cheesecake on the table next to me.  Instead we went for coffee and shared a Hershey bar!

He dropped me off at home and he went to pick up the kids from my mothers.  This gave me time to workout for about 30 minutes..(I was trying to maximize my time, why sit in the passenger seat for 30 minutes when I could be moving?)

All the training guides talk about walking so many minutes then run so many minutes and each training your running time increase.  Got it..but I need to know what I could run a mile in on the Tmill with a small incline.

My 1st Mile was 13 minutes 30 seconds (without stopping) then I walked for 3.5 minutes and ran a 13 min 16 second mile.  Tonight I did the same thing the first mile was 13 min 05 seconds for both miles – I had to stop for a moment but I was running at different speeds.  Both workouts I burned over 400 calories – love it!! 

On New years day I ran a 2.4 miles in 30 minutes – or 12.5 minute mile.  now on the tmill I am running a 13 minute mile. I am hoping the weather gets nice this week and I can find a way to go outside and run.  I really want to get down to a 12 minute mile…I need to run 5 mph tonight I ran between 4.5 and 4.7.  I can do this.

This is the link to my website for the race. it’s a heart run and walk non for profit event for the American heart association.

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