Saturday, December 5, 2009

Open Season on Birthday Creativity!

This could end up being a long entry! haha. Last week we had Tyler's birthday party, it was so much fun! This years theme was Open Season the movie! Sorry i didnt post these photos sooner.

Tyler liked the bag more than the gift!
Pin the Antler on Elliot!! i love my cricut!! haha I was able to make this with no problem at all!
Cupcake tower! Notice its not on fire this year!!

After the festivities all the kids went outside (it was like 60 degrees!). they all climbed onto the gator!Instead of party hats, we made party horns! We traced the kids hands and made antlers. Stephanie had done this with the kids last year so i stole the idea!

I think Carter is too cute in his!
Okay so the economy sucks right! here is my Cheap way to throw a Martha Stewart like party. One look online for great deals! i purchased all of theme party items on ebay for about 30bucks with shipping. We made binoculars from toilet paper rolls (another Stephanie) idea.

One box of cake mix makes alot of cupcakes!! i used my pampered chef decorator thing to get the decorative piping and then sprayed them green.
For decor, i picked some pine branches and stuck them into my metal pales i use in the summer for herbs. David had found lots of antler sheds when he worked at north star so i put them on the table. Instantly a party table fit for Martha! the party item i purchased on ebay didnt really have a lot of room decorations. so i strung up balloons on string and stapled extra napkins to the string. In this photo you can see them in the background by the window an hanging off the dinning room light from streamers!

Okay we need to do a little catching up! here are some thanksgiving photos!
My little butter ball!
A lot to be thankful for!

Clinton Shoppers Stroll!
Okay i promise to upload photos and do posts in a timelier fashion this week! Tomorrow is Emma's baptism and she also played in the snow for the 1st time!

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