Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Snow

Today was the first snow of the season, all the schools were closed. We had high winds and just icky weather. it was the kind of weather that you wished you could stay home in your PJ with a fire and junk food! That was Nasty CNY winter snow!!

Over the weekend, we had what I call Christmas snow. Its seems to flow down from the sky so softly and without a sound. Lightly landing and giving everything a fresh soft look. I took Emma out in the Christmas snow! it was her first experience with snow!

Tyler missed all the snow on Saturday. He was with Grandma and Grandpa in Syracuse, where it didnt snow! He fell asleep in the car so he never saw the snow till the following morning. He was up at 5am and by 630 he was asking to go out. it kinda went down like this:

"SNOW!!! Mommy daddy LOOK it SNOWED!! I want to go out and play! Can i?"
"Because its dark out."

...15 minutes later...
"Mommy can i go out now???"
"its dark out"
"Mommy its lighter now, look i can see the moon!"

So how do i argue with him? It was getting lighter, the dog was going out with him. He had already been up for almost 2 hours and had breakfast.

"okay, you can go out but you need to bundle up!"

He had to of set some kind of record: Hat, gloves, coat, snow pants, and boots in under 2 minutes!

See the moon in this photos

getting a little lighter!
Chasing Wyatt
Mommy come look at me doing a snow angle...on the deck!
He stayed outside for like 40 minutes! running around yelling and screaming about the snow!

Here are some Christmas photos of the house with the snow!

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