Monday, December 7, 2009

Emma's baptism

On Sunday we had Emma Jane baptized. It went very well, she did not cry at all. I think she like the attention..little diva!

It was a little much for tyler! He was bored of sitting, and during the baptismal when pastor Jane asked him a question he snorted at her. LIKE A PIG. I wanted to die.

Here are some photos to recap the event!

Emma, Mommy and Nana. Emma is named after Nana (Carolyn Jane).

My side of the family! Check out pappys suit!!

Davids side!Our Family
Pastor Jane and Carol performing the baptism

Thankfully we took some photos before going to church!! But of course if one smiles the other one is not! in this case, one is trying to get out of the photos while the other one is lifting her dress...naughty girl!
Better! When tyler saw emma in her dress he said..Emma looks like a Princess! He kept referring to his shirt as "the shirt with a ribbon!"
Daddy and Emma!
Mommy and Emma! Emma in her cute dress!
Thanks to Brenda for thank photos with my camera!

During the baptism, they spoke of the holiday rush. How everything is a rush and you have to get this done and that. You never fully enjoy the season. I currently feel this way, I think the holiday is going to be over before i am ready for it! so i am going to try and do things that make me happy and allow me to enjoy the holidays! I will try to capture it and share with you!

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