Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Merry good time

Ahh the month of December is drawing to a close, along with 2009! Most of the month we heard, is it Christmas yet? Tyler and Emma would dream of sugar plumbs and Santa! At times they seemed to conspire against us!

This is Alvin:

He is an Elf on the shelf that was adopted by us in late November. Tyler named him! Alvin watched over the kids each day. At night he would fly to the north pole and report to Santa on if Tyler and Emma were naughty or nice! Each night he would return, and find a different place to sit and watch. On Christmas night he returned to the north pole with santa, he must of been practicing for the ride home here!on Christmas eve we asked tyler what santa would bring: he said "For me a marshmellow bow and for Emma Butt Cream!" NICE!

Finally Christmas arrived and the stocking will filled and hung by the chimney! (No butt cream)!
Tyler received his Marshmallow bow and his duck game...He is very accurate
He also received a dancing game, called my toon
Emma loved to open gifts and eat the paper!
With christmas comes a mess!
Some of my favorite gifts, along with my Panini Press.Miss Emma is so spoiled! Besides all the Diva outfits she got, she received over 16 dolls or stuffed animals
Get away from my babies, Brother!

Our agenda for the holidays was:
Dec 15 - Aunt Lauries
Dec 21 - the farm
Dec 24 -Xmas at the verminskis
Dec 25 Santa, The Szareks and then the Pecks
Dec 26 Xmas with Grandma A, and The Peck girls
I finished the holiday with the Clinton Alumni Hockey game!

It was very crazy, for some they had too much fun:

Others just couldn't handle it!I will be posting the Handmade gifts (they totally rocked this year!) and the over indulgence of food!

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