Saturday, December 19, 2009

Finished tree with handmade elements!

This is a photo of our finished tree! All 9feet of it!! And yes i am a tree killer, we cut one every year. The Szareks not being "Green" you say? please we are very green, we gave the tree farmer some Green!! We may not be saving the environment but we are saving the economy one tree at a time! lol

If this photo doesnt say it all!
tyler put the angel on top this year! It took several attempts
We had a little issue with out xmas ornaments this year. We opened the box and they were all destroyed. all the paint was off them and they had black spots all over. so i ran to the store while david put some lights on the tree. Her is david hooking up all the new ornaments.

Here are some of the homemade ones!
The red star was like $1 at Micheals, i just added glitter! you can see the cereal ornament that tyler made at school and the wish list i made!

I got this idea from you take a wooden spool and wrap paper around it. Then you add the childs wish list! its so cute.

For emma we put: her 2 front teeth, Pink Clothes and a cookie jar!
For tyler we listed the items he sent to santa: Marshmallow bow, duck game, toy truck with a boat! My grandmother made the shell ornament for us last year.We are getting some feathery visitors to our bird feed, we wanted to make a tree for them!

I took so old store bought pie crust that i was going to throw out, a cut out heart shapes with a hole for the string. I spread left over shortening on the hearts after baking them at 450. Tyler sprinkled bird seed on them.When we were done they were hung up in the tree for the birds to have a merry christmas.
This was my favorite project so far! I wanted to have photos on my tree of all our loved ones. So ordered photos of everyone, some i even printed off the computer myself.
I found some round disks at micheals, i cut my photo to be slightly smaller than the disks. I used my scrapbooking supplies, but you could trace a can of soup!

Then i placed decoupage on the disks stuck the photos to them and put decoupage over the top of the photos
After it dried i glued ribbon to the back
I would also write the name of the person and date/year of the photo to help us remember down the road.
When i was done i had these great photo ornamets that captured some great events of the year.For the record the actual photo were easier to do and i think turned out better. the ones i printed on regular paper got wavy when i used the decoupage on them.

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