Monday, July 27, 2009

wow summer has arrived!

Ahh a perfect week!

I can not believe it! it actually feels like summer in CNY!! we have hit the 80s more then just one day!!! We had done a ton of swimming! we went to Nana and Pop's like 4 times in the last week! Tyler is getting so good at swimming by himself. He was even jumping in from the side!

Our garden has even kicked into summer mode!! We have so much broccoli already and it's still growing. We still have more growing. We should be able to get one more batch of peas. i really should of planted another later grouping of peas. Ahh the start of zucchini season....this starts the baking marathon. I baked my first batch tonight.

Despite the 2 frosts, deer and rabbits, we did manage to pick some beans!!

As you can see, we have one large carrot...this is by far the biggest carrot we have ever had! We never have luck with them. Max will make out good this year!Do not mind tylers outfit...he was dressed but had to change in to his PJ bottoms because i was still in mine. Emma helped us freeze all the veggies...she was a big help!

Last week was Davids last week on vacation, he finished up the playhouse for tyler...well he needs to finish the roof but that is a really long story. Anyway it was so big that he needed the tractor to move it.

He even did manual labor...this was to get out of swimming.
Speaking of summer growing seasons!!! our little porker went to the doctors last wednesday...she was up to 8pounds 5oz!! they said she is doing great! she even had her first bath ... which was partly administered by big brother tyler!! She didnt cry or nothing, of course its a lot warmer then when tyler had his first tub!! She even posed for the camera!

One night Tyler and I ran down to North star to pick blueberries...or as tyler calls them doodleberries! Everytime i turned around he was climbing into a bush to get a berry on the other side! He loves to pick berries...i wish i could of taken him strawberry picking but i was to prego. Next year we need to remember to go cherry picking.

I know there was more that went on but i can not keep up!! off to bed...but first i will leave you with this from tyler:

Tyler and I could hear a siren.
Tyler: what is that?
Me: policeman going to help someone
Tyler: or maybe he is coming to give you a ticket
Me: why am i getting a ticket
Tyler: you went threw a red light!
Me: was not red.

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