Monday, July 6, 2009

Getting Ready for Wednesday!

Yawn anyone else tired!!

What a 4th of July weekend. The 4th felt more like Columbus day then the 4th! Yesterday was very nice weather! I felt like doing absolutely nothing on Saturday...thankfully i was not alone! After about 1 hour Brenda and I talked each other into shopping! I was trying to get those last minute things i need before Emma's debut! But I of course still forgot things! Look at these patriotic mama that were tearing up the stores!


Saturday night we went to the fireworks in Clinton. We had a great seat but boy were they loud! Lets just say Emma could hear everything and was not a fan of the 37 consecutive booms in the grand finale. They did this ground show effect about 1/2 way reminded me of a water fountain. Tyler says (very loudly) Dad these aren't that good! Everyone around us was laughing. He liked the high in the sky ones!

Must be the fireworks wore everyone out because I got up at 7 on Sunday. Wyatt got up and went back to bed at 715. David didn't get up till 815 and tyler not till 845. Lazy bones!!!!! We had a make shift cookout yesterday. Basically i had something to use up before going into the hospital and some guys wanted Claims.

Our garden is making progress. I picked lettuce and made a yummy salad from it! we should have peas soon but we have already picked 2 heads of broccoli! We need some hot days without rain. My patio tomatoes are soaked with water. This summer has been crazy but i can not complain too much the heat would of killed me.

Well not sure what tyler and i are going to do today. I would like to go swimming at nanas. I need to finish packing my hospital bag and to get a pedicure. Well at least i dont need to go to work!!

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