Saturday, July 11, 2009

Welcome Home Everyone!!

What a few days we have had! Our family has grown by 31!! Let me start from the beginning!

Wednesday, we went to the hospital for the delivery of our wonderful beautiful little lady bug, Emma Jane. Everything went so well. My c-section was great, i felt so good afterwards. I was walking by 9pm that night and could hold before she was even one hour old! I could not believe how small she was 7 pounds 9 ounces and 19" long. she had a little bit of hair but in patches, its a light brown color. Her eye lashes and eye brows are blonde, and she has rosy little lips. She is perfect in every way!!

Later in the afternoon, Big Brother Tyler showed up to meet her. He was so excited! He was all smiles and couldn't stop touching her head and kissing her!! Emma had a gift ready for her big brother, a book and duck for them to play with! He looked at the book with her and showed her the duck (that he named "squeak"). He had to show her everything including the projects he did at Stephanie's! On Thursdays as he walked in the room the first thing he asked me was, not hi mom but can i hold "baby Emma?" He is so excited to be a big brother. He has been a great helper!

Because i was doing so well on Friday morning and the hospital had a rush on the maternity floor (4 babies showed up overnight) they said i could come home a day sooner. David and Tyler had just gotten to the hospital, we didnt have the car seat or the come home clothes. David ran home to get the goods while i showered and packed up! We were home by 1230. It is so nice to be home!!

These are my favorite photos:

So that covers only one of our new additions! At noon on Wednesday 30 new baby pheasant chicks arrived at our house! They are doing great! Tyler is so excited to have baby chicks!

As a result Bartlett acres population really grew this week! Well off to rest before the next feeding! I have uploaded a lot of photos on webshots! \

For those of you that voted!! Here is what Emma came home in:

0-3months was kinda big on her!! who would of figured I would have a baby under 8 pounds!!

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Val in the Rose Garden said...

She is beautiful... You have beautiful children. I have enjoy catching up with your life on here. What a sweet family you have! I love your farm as well.

Have a great weekend!