Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday already? Where did the week go?

Its hard to believe my little girl is already over a week old. Its be a crazy week busy week adapting to having two kids. So crazy that i started this on Friday and had to finish on Saturday.

Emma is getting weight weekly to make sure she stays on track. She decided basically not to eat last week after we got home. We have resorted to plan B - lets just say mommy can relate to the cows down the road! Sorry to all the men reading this!! Yes I am pumping and then bottle feeding it to her. The lactation lady at the hospital was not excited to hear this but at least she is eating!! Some days she is a little porker! She has been doing great at night sleeping. One day this week she slept from 830-230, ate and then slept till 630. But dont tell Stephanie, i dont want her mad at me!

I have found that as your milk comes in your ability to multi task increases!! The other day, i was cleaning the kitchen, having my cricut cut out words and cooking dinner at once. Then yesterday i was feeding Emma and typing. Man the things i could do if i had one more arm!!!

I have been feeling really good! That is what happens when your blood pressure goes back to normal, you lose 39% of your prego weight and the weather is nice out!! Everyone is yelling at me that i am doing too much but i can not stand sitting around. I am going crazy. I can not even drive myself anyplace yet. I may break that rule today.

Tyler decided to copy Daddy with the baby. This was his baby chick named Emma! He even told me that she was still in his belly at one point!

Okay, lets see all the things we did this week:

Tyler and David went out to fly Tylers Dragon kite one morning. Emma and I watched from the deck.

Tyler feed the cows are George's

Thursday we went swimming at Nana and Pops! Tyler was swimming all by himself with his life coat. He was so excited! he even raced David and won!

We went to the firetruck show! It was Dean, Step, Jenna, Carter, Steve, Brenda, Logan, Preston and his mom, and us! The kids loved climbing on the trucks!

Friday morning Tyler and David we busy in the am! the built an outdoor pen for the pheasants (photos coming soon!). and then they pressure washed the house.

Tyler was geared for the job!

Emma and I went to a baby shower for Brenda last night. Since we were out late we slept in! her till 8 and me till 9! Another benefit of pumping!! Tyler made a bird house this morning with daddy. Then he and i painted it.

Well i need to eat something, actually i need coffee. We uploaded a lot of photos to webshots.

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