Friday, February 6, 2009

Making room for baby

This weekend we are going to start making room for baby. Our first project really has nothing to do with the baby but with satisfying me! We are making storage cubes in the mud room so that area is more useful! there will be a bench for tyler to sit on and lots of storage. The closet is going to get a cleaning too. David, tyler and Dad already took the boarder down and painted the top of the walls. The bottom will have bead board.

Tyler was very tired after his day of work!

Also this weekend, i am going to clean out my scrapbooking stuff...stand by for amazing deals! we are going to turn our desk area into a craft area..kinda. i found some good units at Target that we are going to go get. We are trying to figure out what to do with the computer. Our original plan was to move the big computer thing in tylers room that was housing toys, to the foyer and put the computer there. But David hates so i dont know what is going to happen.

Anyway we will be busy, the Honey do list was 25 items long for the weekend! Today I am going to the doctor, hope to schedule my sono appointment the next few weeks to find out if its a boy or a girl! after that ty and i are going grocery shopping. Well I need to blow dry my hair and eat some carbs!

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Jenny said...

Sounds exciting! Good luck with all the rearranging. Let me know if you need any craft organizers (I still have a few floating around here).