Friday, February 6, 2009

bids wanted!!

Anyone interested in my HP Photosmart M425 Camera with Docking station? I purchased it in 2006 - it works fine, some times it locks up but david thinks its because the batteries i used in it are on their last life. I have dropped it a few times so as it opens you feel a click.

I paid like 120 for the camera and 50 for the Docking station. If you want, place an offer. By Sunday i will be posting it online!

What did i learn today?

We have been trying to have tyler go all night without a pull up. Last night was the first accident. This morning david put the bedding in the wash for me. I went down to put that load in the dryer and wash the comforter just a few moments ago.......

Not thinking we have a mattress protector or plastic sheets, whatever you want to call it. Well guess what i grabbed it out of the washer, turned to put it in the dry when i got completely soaked. The way it balled up in the rinse cycle, allowed it to keep about 1 cup of water in the middle of it! I must of turned it just the right way to dump it on me. Can you imagine if I had put it in the dryer with that much water? Silly mommy! - that was tylers response!

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erinlynne1308 said...

Good luck with the all night thing, that was easier for us than potty training Arianna during the day! I hope it all goes well for you!