Friday, January 23, 2009


Hello, my fellow friends and fans!! fans haha - it sounds good! I wanted to pump myself up!!

So anyway this week was pretty uneventful since i did not find my motivation on ebay as i previously posted!! On Monday we took tyler to his first professional hockey game! The Crunch played at 2pm, so it was a perfect time! He slept for most of the 1st period and ate for most of the 2nd period. that 2nd intermission and 3rd period were a killer.
He wanted to walk all over the arena. I took him down stairs and got him a flag that entertained him for a few minutes. The last 5 minutes of the game were a killer. He was looking at the stairs and really wanted to run up and down them. but there were too many people sitting over there to let him.

by the way the crunch overcame the saturday night fights and won! they out skated them, out played them and hell they are way better looking! Both games were against Hamilton.

I only worked 3 days this week, that was great but will make next week suck. I was off today and couldnt get my lazy butt in the shower until 1030am. I did get the groceries done and my laundry is started. It was so nice out, we played in the snow. Tyler and David went sledding in the woods. Now i need to get ready for Girls Weekend!!! We are leaving tomorrow morning to Jennys for a scrapping weekend! I can not wait! I have nothing packed!

In other news, david will not let me post on here the nice video of him and tyler playing tonight. I dont understand why, i publicly display my embarassing stories on here. Anyway, just ask him why and what he was doing! haha. hint hint ->webshots! Honestly i dont think he should have a say, since i am the one to do all the posting. of course i will not get him the username and password!! {{ wink wink }}

well off to pack and maybe treat myself to ice cream!

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Jenny said...

Get off the computer & get packin girl!