Monday, February 9, 2009

Organized Croup

Yes i spelled that correctly. This weekend we had planned to focus on getting the house organized and more efficient. Well Tyler came down with Croup on Friday! Luckily he was acting fine other then the random cough so we continued on with our plan.
Here are the finished products before i tell the weekend story! I love it! Its like a lodge!
I still need to get a curtain and repaint the doors but you can see the cubes for storage!

Friday night we did a lot of the running around so that saturday we could just start. Tyler hung out at Gramie's. David had started the Mudroom on Thursday, so on saturday he hung all the bead board and moldings. My dad came over and put together my new storage units for the craft area. I worked to move the computer to the foyer and cleaned out the desk. I found so much old crap in there, like bank statements from 2005. Our house was so trashed on Saturday. This photo is from like 10am saturday morning.I was trying to go thru the desk and dust things. This will become the new craft area. Tylers play-dough, paints, markers and papers along with some of my scrapbooking stuff.
By Sunday, the old desk was down stairs all cleaned out. I have box of things to burn and box of things to sell in garage sale or donated to a rummage sales. David started making the cubes to hold things in the Mudroom. I slowly began to clean the toy/scrap room. My counter top in my scrap area is being moved to where our old desk is. I am about 1/2 with clearing that off, sadly my dinning room table has so much crap on it still. I have not sorted any of my scrapbooking stuff out yet. I know i have things i dont need.
These are what my dad put together for me. I have one more of the big cabinet on the left coming.

Sunday afternoon tyler took a turn. The last time he ate was 11ish, he spiked a fever at 102 around 5pm. He was really just out of it from 3pm on. So today, Monday, I have stayed home with him. I slept holding him from 12-3 and then 4-7 last night. This morning he seems fine but still will not eat. Over the weekend he was feeling so good. We got him outside to get that good air in him. He made a snowman and went sledding.

I hope he gets better soon!

I am not a professional organizer, i need to give it my 100% attention in order to keep things some what in the right place. I would love to be those people you see on tv with everything in its place and labeled. But this weekend, i had my organization groove on. I am happy with what we were able to get done. But i have questions? I put all my CDs on my computer and on my MP3 player - so do i really need to keep them? They are taking up 1/2 a drawer in the old desk down stairs. Same with the DVDs, they are all in a binder, do i need to keep the cases?

The biggest question i had over the weekend....How did we accumulate all this crap?

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