Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Monday

I am off today because of the holiday i am trying to actually get things done! Yesterday i was nana was ready to stroke when i hung up curtains without ironing them! I told her ironing is so 1999!! haha! I found a nice curtain at walmart for the mudroom. I decided yesterday to go back and get some for the sliding glass and other windows in the living room. Now it is all tied together. I was ready for a change to the curtains, dad still calls them my PJ curtains and i have had them up since 2006!!! David painted the doors the same color brown that is in our living room! So the mudroom is done..well i need to clean out the closet.

I think in part i am just ready for spring. I wanted to grill out yesterday for dinner, but david had me use the indoor grill. I am just ready for winter to be over. Last year i told myself i was going to take a vacation this time of year. Get away from this weather......yeah i listened to myself.

All this talk of warm weather has me in the mood for pasta salad...hmm i wonder if i have the stuff to make it!

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