Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tylers world.

The other day tyler was pretending our couch was a tractor and he was going to feed the cows, goats, chickens, pigs and any other animal you can think of. He was pretending for over 45 minutes! He has his moms imagination!
Well, he says "oh no we are out of gas, time to take the tractor to get more gas". He gets off the tractor and pumps gas into the tractor! He says: Okay mommy pay the man with the gas card!!
So at the age 3 my son has no idea what cash is, because his mommy always pays with her debit card!! At Christmas time i had to dig in my purse and car for change to put in the salvation army jar. What a different time these children are growing up in! When i was little i had a play cash register, i wonder what the are like they have play money or play debit cards? I saw a electronic monopoly game at the store so they have moved away from cash. Welcome to 2009! I know it drives my grandparents nuts that I always pay with my debit card.

The other day tyler was ask if he was going to have a baby brother. His response: NO i am going to have a baby sister like Franklin, She is going to be white or purple. White or purple? Am I having a alien? I am hoping he is talking about a hat, Franklins sister always wears a hat.

Not much else is going on. The house is finally back in order from the holidays, the toy room needs a good cleaning but that's not happening today. we have so many loads of laundry to fold and a party to go to. I really could use a mental health day!! I have Friday off but tyler and i both have doctors appointments and i will really need groceries by then. No Crunch games till the 17th that is 13 days from now. Blah Looking very forward to the 24th at Jennys house!!!!

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Jenny said...

Looking forward to having you over! And yes, the new kid's registers have cards. Scarlet had a Barbie ATM machine which we had to throw out because she lost her ATM card & we couldn't get it to work without it! Hah!