Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Menu planning

From the time I went shopping to the time I am typing this we have had major changes to our menu!
Menu planning:
Saturday – Cheese steak sandwich – Drover hill meat, wheat rolls, fresh peppers and onions
Sunday – BBQ at the run, lunch for dinner
Monday – Tacos  Chicken Marsala via the crockpot
Tuesday – Haddock with Broccoli and rice.  Wild Marsala Soup
Wednesday – Grilled Chicken with Grilled potatoes Haddock with Broccoli and rice.  
Thursday – Quesadillas – Mommy and Daddy night out for anniversary. 
Friday – Hamburg’s
Saturday – Spaghetti and/or meatball subs
Sunday – Leftovers or Burgers!
Monday – Drover hill Roast with Acorn Squash
Tuesday – Roast leftovers.

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