Sunday, October 2, 2011

Food Suck Part 2 new stores -aldi's

People have told me that shopping at Hannafords is my problem with my higher than life food bill.  So as part of my experiment I am trying other stores! 
First up was Aldi’s


Emma and I decided to test the waters at Aldi’s last weekend while the boys were goose hunting.  It didn’t start off well.  I walked up to get a cart and saw that I needed a quarter; so back to the car I went with Emma on one hip and my recyclable bags under my arm. I could see a quarter on my floor mat so I leaned over the center console and picked up the metal object.  I walked back to the carts to realize I picked up the damn penny next to the quarter.  So back to the car we went – I would of went home right then if I hadn't promised Emma that we were going to buy her cookies.

Once inside I was shocked how small it was and that everything was only the Aldi brand for about 95% of the product.  They had a lot of processed foods that we don’t eat.  But I will say the items that I do buy were pretty cheap – I just hoped they tasted okay.  Emma who is an Oreo snob – ate the Aldi brand Oreos with no problem at all.  The mini muffins the kids love were only 2.29 vs 3.99 at Hannafords.  The pork tenderloin at 3.99 a pound was a great deal.  I ended up spending about 25 bucks for, Oreos, frosted sugar cookies (tyler), 4 cans of tomatoes soup, a gallon of milk, some almonds, pork tenderloin, and gum. 

It was a bit annoying and challenging to keep a 2year old entertained and in her seat while I cashed out, then the cashier who was sitting (odd to me) put the food back in my cart, for me to then move to another counter and bag them.  Part of my pet peeve with grocery shopping is that you handle the food too much, so for him to set the items back in the cart, and then for me to lift back out and into bag was a pain.

Tomorrow will be my Price Chopper blog entry!

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Jenny said...

Make sure to tell Price Chopper you brought your own bags (and remember to bring them) you get 5 cents off for each one you use!