Sunday, October 2, 2011

Food Suck Part 2b. Price Chopper

I think the last time I shopped at Price Chopper I was about 6 weeks pregnant with tyler.  I was standing by the shredded cheese when a old guy walked by the smell like pipe smoke – omg I turn 3 shades of green.  With that began several long awful weeks of morning sickness.  Its not price choppers fault but that scar has really kept me away!

I have always said that price chopper has some good deals but they also have some higher prices.  I did like the coupons I was able to get at the front door and use.  Some of the deals in the flyer were pretty good and others were so-so.  so many items were priced as 2/$5 or 3.49 each.  I don’t want 2, I want 1. I am not going to use 2.  I should be able to get the same price for 1.  At Hannaford's, if it says 2/$3 and you buy one its $1.50. I like that because I only want to buy what I Need.

They were sold out of the really awesome Haddock at $4.99 a pound and I didn’t mind getting 2/$7 on the good ground turkey.  But $6-9 per pound for ground beef is Crap prices.  They were higher on everyday prices of things like my greek yogurt, cottage cheese and bbq sauce.  Basically you need an advantage card, and you need to stick with the sale items.  I also noticed that they didn’t have as large of an inventory as Hannaford's, they didn’t have my favorite kind of cottage cheese.

It also took me forever to find things. I am so use to Hannafords  that I write my list in order of the aisles.  Because I was new to Price chopper I was all over and I had to go back to some of the aisles to find something on the list.

I ended up spending $170 for 75 items.  My advantedge savings were about $16.45 and I had coupon savings that I will talk about in another post.  Now I am going to tell you I refuse to buy thing just because they are on sale.  I only purchased what I would use.  For example – cereal was onsale but I don’t need it because I have plenty at home so I didn’t buy it.  I did plan on getting the sold out haddock because it was on sale but I need to purchase main course foods this week.   

$170 wasn’t too bad for one week of shopping – actually its for 9 days because I will not be shopping again until columbus day.  But I still feel there is room for improvement. 

Up tomorrow – my adventures in couponing.

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Jenny said...

Just got back from Price Chopper and saved $56. They have really great coupons on their website. $1.00 for soup stock (the big box) and they took my 40 cents coupon along with it. That was a really good deal. Curious to hear how your couponing went.