Monday, August 8, 2011

Yogi Bear Park aka Jellystone park Java NY


We spent several days this year at yogi bear park, but not the same one as last year.  Instead we went to the one in Java NY.  We arrived on Sunday and left on Thursday. 

The number one reason for picking this park with that it had a pool, a beach, 2 playgrounds, mini golf, peddle bikes and a waterzone!


Yeah how cool is that?  Well according to my kids not very.  Emma wanted nothing to do with it.  And Tyler only went down one slide 3 times, after that he was over it.


I think the reason my kids didn’t enjoy it was due to all the water canons and guns.  They were so loud and people were rude with them.  They would spray anyone, in the face, in your back they didn’t care that they didn’t know you.  The adults were worse than the kids.

So we went to the beach!  which was right next to the waterpark.

water runSandcastle time

The kids loved it. they ran in the water, made sandcastles in the soft white sand, and just had a great time.  I guess my kids don’t need fancy things they just need sand and water!

Another great feature was the boats, you could take out a canoe, or kayak and paddle around the “lake” which is what Emma and I did while the boys fished.

Emma and i in the boat just before she lost the paddle035

one word...VACATION

The kids also loved the mini golf.  Since it was an all inclusive park we didn’t need to pay extra for the golfing, boats, water zone, or peddle carts. 

Cheese nice hair emma

I didn’t think the Ranger station or activity center were as cute as the one at paradise pines.  But Tyler told me that this was the real Yogi bear park because they “rangers” at the office all wore green shirts! lol


I loved all the songs we sang on the hayride!  We rode with both Yogi and Cindy bear!  My favorite songs were boom chick-a-boom and Herman the worman.  Each morning before he hayride they had a great little flag ceremony followed by a game with the bears.

004Cindy bear playing red light green light

After the Hayride, we had our photo opt with the bears!  I wondered if they were out more on the weekends when the park is full?

Mommy, emma and cindy

Tyler was not into the hayrides this year, and wanted nothing to do with getting his photo take with yogi.  So I don’t have a family shot this year. I am so deviated.  I also wish we had taken a photo of our group since Steve, Brenda, Log and Buggy went with us.

How cute is this of the babies?

The kids also had a blast on the playground!


I am so looking into getting these for the house!  they rock! Videos to come! lol

Hold on logan!yeah this is cool

Boo Boo is Emma and my favorite bear.  We passed Boo Boo in a golf cart going to a birthday party.  But he was never on a hayride with us Sad smile  So We found a way to have our boo boo time!

We love boo boo

Hi boo boo!Boo Boo

The worst part of vacation is that it always comes to an end.

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