Sunday, August 28, 2011

Emma’s First Pedi!

What do you do in a hurricane?  You take your 2year old for her first pedi of course!! I  wanted to go yesterday, but the weather was so nice we went to Clinton for the art festival.


I didn’t know how she would do, it was close to lunch and she was ready for a nap.  We walked in and up to the color wall.  She is not like her mother, she made a decision right away.  I bright fuchsia with sparkles! I told her mommy needed to find a color too. She pointed to hers!  I said do you want mommy to get the same?  “yes;” She is messing with my fall colors!

She wouldn’t sit in the cute little butterfly kids chair.  So I put her on my lap to watch me get mine.  She was asking lots of questions and warming up to the girl doing my pedi! 


As “Lisa” washed my legs off before painting my nails, Emma stuck her feet into the spray!  She was getting into it!  Lisa then painted my nails, and we asked Emma if she wanted hers done. “Yes I pretty too”

Lisa painted her toes and even gave her a design like mommy!


Emma was so excited about her toes!  She made me wait an extra minute before putting her shoes on because her toes were wet.  She was blowing on them and waving her hand to dry them – it was really cute.

As soon as we got home she had to show daddy, who was excited for her! Then she showed Tyler, who really thought Emma was off her rocker, but a few hours later he asked more about what happened at the toe paint place!!

I know, I know this is the start of my Diva, I have myself to blame.  Last week I got her dressed, she went over to the mirror to check her outfit out.  Then turned to me and said “I CUTE"!”

Poor daddy! he is in for a ride!

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