Thursday, August 4, 2011

Confessions of a 31 year old Soccer mom


David Letterman style!

#10 – my coolest (lamest) celebrity  moment was unknowingly riding a roller coaster with  Hootie and the blowfish (July 1996)

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#9- I love spicy food the hotter the better!

#8 – I had a thing for the drummer from hootie because of this video

#7- I am afraid of monkeys

#6- I think Hockey players are hot! Listen they score with with hard sticks!!

#5 -I can say the alphabet backwards easier then forward

#4 - I saw (paid) Hootie in concert at the casino in like 2003 or 2004 Sad smile

#3 – l like going to bootcamp and hanging with my BC Crew and  Scrapbooking is my yoga

#2 – My favorite movie of all times is Legends of the Fall and anything with Vin diesel

#1 I watch jersey shore.  I know I know. its wrong. I mean they were in like second grade when I graduated High school but I can not help it.  Its funny and the drama is so entertaining. 

Confession #1A - I wish my boobs looked like Jwows! 

Confession #1B – the guys are not at all attractive except for Ronnie and I think its because he reminds me of Mirasty

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I don’t know what wrong with me.  But now that I have confessed I should be forgiven right! I think this is how it works ha ha  Well I guess it doesn’t matter – there is no changing me! lol

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