Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yogi’s Egg!

I know, I know you are all waiting for vacation photos.  Sorry they will come soon!

I have to tell you about our egg!  When we got the chickens back at the end of march Tyler thought we would have eggs the next day!  Even though they were this big!


So we read up on chickens and how long till they started to produce eggs.  We figured out that they would be of age around the week we came home from vacation (aka Yogi Bear park).  So since then, Tyler has been telling everyone that we would have eggs when we go back.  We keep telling him “Maybe we will start having eggs then”

Well since then we noticed we had too many rosters.  In fact, David and the kids returned 12 rosters to the guy and brought home 6 hens a few weeks back.  We kept 3 rosters, Shorty, “Gloria” and big red.  A photo of Shorty can be found here.  “Gloria” we thought was a hen, she was so bossy we called her big bertha. Then one day she started saying “cock'-a-doodle=do” so tyler changed her name to “gloria” why I don’t know?!!! lol  Big Red is for sale!  He was suppose to go to a farm but they backed out this week. Now we need to find him a home! He is so beautiful!

Here our photos from tonight!  Gloria is right here in front.  Shorty is the little guy in the middle alone. Big Red (with his deep voice) is just coming into the photo on the left!


Here is a photo of Big Red and you can see Whitey in the back. (More about whitey later!)



Two of the Hens that David and the kids brought home were these below!


They are so pretty! the rosters did not like them.  They would peck at them so badly.  They stay up in the coop, I don’t even know if they have ever come outside…we have not seen them out.  They are starting to stand with the other girls without being scared to death!

The night the new Hens arrived we noticed that the rosters were trying to, umm how do I put this on a family site?  They were trying to “Brown Chicken Brown Cow” get it!??!  Anyway we were thinking maybe our math would be right!! 

This week Tyler was still saying when he gets home we are going to have eggs!  We considered calling my in laws and have them stage an egg! Once we got home we checked the chickens.  And wouldn’t you know…


in one of the hen boxes was…


an egg!!  So Tyler has been right all along, after Yogi Bear Park we would have eggs!!  Boy did we luck out!  He is sure it was whitey that laid the egg!  Hopefully we start getting more eggs!

So to answer the age old question, what came first the chicken or the egg??  To the szarek’s it was:

A chicken, Yogi bear and then an EGG!!!

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