Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy birthday Emma


Two years ago today our family was complete with the addition of a 7pound 9 ounce baby girl!

here is what I blogged back then

She was sugar and Spice and everything nice!  tyler was so excited to have a baby sister!

Two years later we have learned about

  • sassy fresh little girls
  • little girls that want to be 1 going on 13
  • how to put the finest hair in a pony tail
  • learned the meaning of fearless
  • watched the makings of a daddy’s little girl
  • Seen someone grow into the “I do it” personality
  • how dirty a little girl can get


At this point in her life I know Emma will be a leader, she is afraid of nothing and stands out in crowd!!  Some days I think it will be the captain of a roller derby team or the broad street bullies!!

While at times she makes me pull my hair out and drive her father to the point of insanity we love her silly ways!  That belly giggle she does because she is so ticklish!!  the fact that she will eat almost everything and call it all chicken!  She loves to give kiss and pats your back when she hugs you!

She is our lady bug, she is our love bug, she is our little July firework!!



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