Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Chicken

Yesterday we got our chickens.  The kids were so excited that when I got home from bootcamp at 955am they were already in David's truck buckled in.  They entire way to Oneida they were going Cock-a-doodle-do or peep peep peep.  Then Emma would say: I want my chickens!  Poor thing fell asleep 5 minutes from the meeting point.


Yes it was a hicks version of a drug deal.  A F250 pulls into the back corn of TSC parking lot.  Two men wearing work boots, work coats, jeans and baseball hats exit two other vehicles.   All three men huddle around a small box in the passenger seat of the F250.  The small black, yellow fluffy merchandise is quickly displayed before being stuffed back in the box. A handshake with the swapping of $$ and the men quickly return to their trucks, each with a box. 

It was that quick, and it was over. we were parents to 20+ chickens.


The kids were crowding David as we tried to move them from the box to their new home!  I was suppose to be counting but I kept having to move the kids out of the way. So I am really not sure how many we have:


Finally they got a closer look:


We have mixture of Rhode Island Reds and Barred rock chickens.  Most were only a day or 2 old but he gave us some week olds too. 


Hopefully we have a lot of hens.  I am really looking forward to getting our own eggs!  The kids are going to love it!


peep peep till next time!!

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